Onixprice Album Cover

Once again I had the pleasure of working on an album cover (which I love doing) this time for the incredible musician Onix Price who is working on his next project.

I loved the idea from the beginning because it had to be something botanical mixed with the darkness of a nightmare, and that’s how I started the pencil sketch.

Another thing that I loved about the idea is that  should be with colors of a sunset, and that is how I made the digital painting, getting this result.

You can listen his music here  

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Wetplate Experience

I had the opportunity to be photographed by WetPlate Guatemala for a second time, but on this occasion I made some artistic intervention over the picture with collage and acrylic.

The photographic technique used by Jorge Chavarria in WetPlate Guatemala is quite interesting because it comes from the year 1851 and is one of the most important techniques in the history of photography.

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Express spring/summer collection

Once again I had the opportunity make live painting, this time with the EXPRESS clothing store at the launch of their new Spring / Summer collection 2018. 

The activity consisted of making quick drawings of the night’s guests. The drawings were inspired by the different outfits of the collection.

 Here I show you some pictures of the event.

Thanks to Studio 1402 for the pics, and Nando Yax for the management!

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