Meüs - Metamorfosis Textil #12

Meüs is an incredible brand of Guatemalan fashion design and and I’ve participated in their workshop “Metamorfosis Textil”  that is held every 2 months and on this edition, I had the opportunity to be invited to talk a little about the technique of embroidery and acrylic. 

Honestly I had never worked with embroidery, my work as everyone knows is painting, mainly acrylic. But I’ve always thought it’s good to experiment with new techniques. The result was really amazing. 

Embroidery requires a lot of patience, which helps me relax in stressful moments. If you have a very hectic lifestyle, you should try embroidering. Although it sounds funny because we all think it is a technique that grandmothers use, but no, this can help you a lot to relax and concentrate. 

 I invite you to follow Meüs, and to participate in the following workshops because all their workshops are incredible.

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