Meüs - Metamorfosis Textil #12

Meüs is an incredible brand of Guatemalan fashion design and and I’ve participated in their workshop “Metamorfosis Textil”  that is held every 2 months and on this edition, I had the opportunity to be invited to talk a little about the technique of embroidery and acrylic. 

Honestly I had never worked with embroidery, my work as everyone knows is painting, mainly acrylic. But I’ve always thought it’s good to experiment with new techniques. The result was really amazing. 

Embroidery requires a lot of patience, which helps me relax in stressful moments. If you have a very hectic lifestyle, you should try embroidering. Although it sounds funny because we all think it is a technique that grandmothers use, but no, this can help you a lot to relax and concentrate. 

 I invite you to follow Meüs, and to participate in the following workshops because all their workshops are incredible.

Amorfia Exhibition in Costa Rica

For the first time, I had the opportunity to show my art outside Guatemala. And it was in San José, Costa Rica where I showed my exhibition “Amorfia” last may.

People at the exhibition by Herssonoe

The event was held at 13’30 Barrio Escalante, a restaurant that has a pretty nice gallery.

herssonoe Amorfia Exhibition

The artistic exhibition was composed of 9 pieces worked in mixed media on paper with a size of 50x70cm.

Amorfia by Herssonoe

One of the things that I liked most about the country was the acceptance that my art had among Costa Ricans. 

 Even during my stay in the country, some media made me notes and interviews to help me spread my work. For example, Traffic and The Tico Times. So, I feel satisfied to have had the opportunity to present my work outside of Guatemala. 

I want to thank 13’30 for the support and Loriana Fernández for these incredible photographs. Thanks for reading!

Onixprice Album Cover

Once again I had the pleasure of working on an album cover (which I love doing) this time for the incredible musician Onix Price who is working on his next project.

I loved the idea from the beginning because it had to be something botanical mixed with the darkness of a nightmare, and that’s how I started the pencil sketch.

Another thing that I loved about the idea is that  should be with colors of a sunset, and that is how I made the digital painting, getting this result.

You can listen his music here  

Thanks for reading!

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