Herssonoe, an artist from Guatemala, began his artistic work upon finishing his university course and now uses his knowledge and skills in chromatography and visual composition that he gained during his studies. 

Despite this, his artistic abilities and knowledge of paintings have been acquired solely autodidactically. This is characterized through the creation of portraits loaded with emotion, achieved mainly by using acrylic over linen and paper. His artwork can be considered original and with special qualities making it easily recognizable, as well as a mixture of fiction and reality. They leave you moved, invite you to reflect and lead you to feel what the artist was feeling during the time of their creation. 

Herssonoe has also illustrated his artistic style in other forms such as tattoos and writing, as well as fashion. However, it is through painting that his artistic trajectory becomes stronger.

His work has been considered by national and international brands for collaboration. He has also been considered by different artists including musical or writers, some of whom he has had the chance to collaborate with in various previous projects.


Exhibition "Caminos"  @Museo Miraflores, Guatemala 2018 Read More

Exhibition "Amorfia"  @13'30 Escalante, Costa Rica 2018 Read More

Exhibition "Origen" @ Centro Creativo Capiusa, Guatemala 2018

Exhibition "Tunnel" @ Centro Creativo Capiusa Guatemala 2017 Watch here

Drawing Workshop "La Simplicidad" @ Watson Books and Coffee Guatemala 2017

Exhibition "Inusitado" @ Habitat Alt Cayala Guatemala 2017 Watch here

Book Release "Efímero" @  The Room Guatemala 2016

Exhibition "Rite of Spring" @ Imaginatorio Guatemala 2016

Book Release and Art Exhibition "Donde Nace el Amor" @ Watson Books and Coffee Guatemala 2016 

Book Release "QUIÉN ES MARIAN?" @ Mercado 24 Guatemala 2015

Book Release and Art Exhibition "LO QUE HEMOS PERDIDO" @ Centro Cultural España Guatemala 2014


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